Your Favourite Shows Could Be Cancelled As Ratings Plummet Unexpectedly

Ratings have surprisingly plummeted for hit shows that have had a cult following in the last one year.These shows risk being cancelled by their respective networks if they don’t re-capture their audiences’ attention.Audiences attract advertisers and networks depend on them(advertisers) for revenue.

So far Orange Is The New Black and The Big Bang Theory that has lost a third of its viewership in the last one year have been cancelled as a result.Shows that are currently on the chopping block include This Is Us,How To Get Away With Murder and The Walking Dead that have all lost a quarter (25%) of their viewership each.

Grey’s Anatomy which is the longest running medical drama in TV history lost 18% of its viewers while Modern Family’s and Empire’s ratings dropped by 27% and 23 % each.Survivor is the only reality show that has managed to maintain its viewership year after year beating rival reality shows such as The Voice and DWTS whose ratings dropped by 25% each.  


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