Azelia Banks calls Cardi B illiterate

Azelia banks went on The breakfast show and dragged Cardi B calling her a joke,illiterate and a bad example of black culture. The singer went off on Cardi just a few days since Cardi performed in Coachella(A music festival) with Beyonce and other headliners.Cardi then decided to take a break after Coachella stating in a viral video “I will be taking a break cause a b**** cant breathe”.

Before taking a hiatus Cardi said”Since I got Pregnant ,people all of a sudden want to beef”.She was refering to Nicki Minaj who they are allegedly were not getting along in a collab they did last year December titled Motor sport.

Nicki and Cardi got to reconcile at the Met gala and the beef has been squashed.Nicki is set to drop her album this month having dropped 2 singles so far”chun-li and Barbie Tingz.

Azelia who has not been in the lime light for a while now has a background beefing with hiphop female rappers.The beef had the internet ┬ádivided into two with some agreeing with Azelia and others taking Cardi’s side.

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