Meghan Markle’s Father Says He Will Not Be Attending The Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle’s father has let everyone know that he will not be attending the royal wedding because he has had a heart attack recently.A statement released by Kengsington palace confirmed that Meghan’s father would not be attending the wedding that is set to take place this weekend.

People have already started camping outside anticipating for the royal wedding.The wedding is set to take place in Winsor a small town located just outside London.Over 1 billion people are set to watch the wedding through their television screen.It has been estimated that one in every four people follows the royals and will watch the royal wedding on May 19th.Meghan’s mother has already been spotted in London shopping.

Meghan’s Half Sister and Brother have not been invited to the wedding so as Meghan’s relatives.Meghan’s mother is the only one set to attend her wedding from her side of her family.Meghan before meeting Harry was an actress playing rachel,an ambitious paralegal in the series suits.The set are set to wed in Winsor Palace on 19th May.



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