Snoop Dogg says “Kanye West needs a black woman, not a Kardashian!”

Snoop Dogg went to The Breakfast show in New York city and stated that Kanye west  acting irrational was as a result of associating himself with the Kardashian family.

The Rapper added “If Kanye was married to a Black American woman he would not be able to make such remarks on black culture and origin.He wouldn’t feel so comfortable talking like that about the black community like that.I doubt if he has any black women in his life.”

The multi talented rapper has been acting irrational on social media for the past few months and also got heat when he went on TMZ and said that  Slavery was a choice.The black community went into uproar turning on the rapper and condemning him for his comments.

Kanye West also got into it with Rnb singer John Legend to the extent of posting his texts with the singer on social media after Kanye made it public that he was fully supporting Donald Trump.

Kanye West has also fallen out with his friend Jay Z and Beyonce but it is rumoured it all started when Kim and Kanye got married.

Kanye’s mental troubles started when he lost his mother Donda due to surgery complications after she had liposuction.

Kim and Kanye got married in  2014 in Rome,Italy after the birth of their daughter North West.

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