#MeToo Takes Third Place In Art World Power List

The #MeToo movement has been named third on ArtReview’s 2018 Power 100 list in an annual ranking of the contemporary art world’s most influential people.This is a first because the art industry power list is normally reserved for artists, curators and collectors.First place went to David Zwirner who is a German dealer and gallery owner.
Second place went to Kerry James Marshall whose work set a world record last year for the work of an African American painter. In May his painting Past Times sold at auction for $21.1 million believed to be the highest sum ever paid for the work of a living black artist.
#MeToo took third place due to the drive to expose sexual harassment and abuse went global with women sharing their experiences on social media.The decision follows a year of high-profile sexual misconduct allegations in the creative industry.According to the power list #MeToo changed the prevailing climate in which curators are appointed, prizes awarded and exhibitions framed. ArtReview’s Power 100 is chosen by an anonymous jury.

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