Mike Mbuvi keeps Nairobi clean

Newly appointed Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi alias sonko has started his term on an omphh.

Mr Mbuvi and his sonko rescue team filled up the streets to clean it.

‘My vision for Nairobi is for it to be the cleanest city in East and Central Africa.I want to emulate Kigali and possibly give it a run for its money.’

Mr Mbuvi also stated that they have plans to rehabilitate the Dandora dumpsite to eradicate diseases and improve the lives of those that live there.

He also added,’We are planning to put policies in place that will discourage littering in Nairobi City.’

The governor concluded that his vision for Nairobi as a clean city will expand beyond the borders of the Central Business District to places such as Kasarani also.


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