Rare Pink Diamond’Pink Legacy’ Sold For $50 million

An exceptionally rare 19-carat pink diamond was sold for USD 50 million at Christie’s auction house in Geneva.This is setting a new per carat record for a stone of its kind.

The Pink Legacy which once belonged to the Oppenheimer family who for decades ran the De Beers diamond mining company was bought by American luxury brand Harry Winston for USD 2.6 million per carat.

Pink Legacy is categorized as a “Fancy Vivid” diamond the highest grade of color intensity. Only 1 in 100,000 diamonds receives the grading.The diamond is an even rarer find because of its size as Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds larger than 10 carats are unheard of.
 The fancy diamond once belonged to the Oppenheimer family who ran the De Beers diamond mining company for three generations until selling their stake in 2011.This isn’t the first time Harry Winston has splashed out on such a rare diamond. The luxury jewelry maker, which Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group AG acquired in 2013, paid $27 million for the 101.73-carat colorless Winston Legacy diamond at a Christie’s auction that year.
The stone was discovered in a South African mine around a century ago and was probably cut in the 1920 and has not been altered since.

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