Supreme Court nullifies 2017 presidential election

By Lindah Kiyeng

NASA followers broke into dance and jubilation after news spread that the supreme court had nullified the 2017 elections.

NASA party leader Raila Odinga said,”The judiciary’s image has been restored and we are not going to support IEBC facilitation of the next general elections. We are ready to take the officials to court for conspiracy.”

Four out of the six judges voted in favour of NASA and announced results at 11 O’ clock gmt.Kenyans are expected to go back to the ballot  box in the next 60 days.

Mr Odinga added, “We want the UN to facilitate the next election and not the IEBC because the body has proved to be corrupt and not reliable.”

Jubilee followers all around the country were in a sad and sombre mood after they got news that the elections were nullified.Most accepted the outcome and vowed to go back to the polls in large numbers to bring back Uhuru Kenyatta into power.

President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the nation a few hours after the decision by the supreme court.He said he is willing to go through the process again and to win the hearts of voters.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said,”I accept the judgement of the court.We will still go out and campaign and win the heart of voters.I ask Kenyans to be peaceful and not to turn against each other but to live in peace with one another.”

Kenyans came out in large numbers as early as 2am in the morning on 8th of August 2017 to vote and results president Uhuru Kenyatta  was announced  as the winner.

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