The Turkish Embassy Remembers Martyrs Who Lost Their Lives In The Turkish Coup Attempt In 2016

The Turkish embassy remembered the martyrs who lost their lives on 15th of July 2016 after a terror group called FETO took to the streets of Turkey to overthrow the Turkish government.

As a result 258 people lost their lives and among those that lost their lives were 179 innocent civilians who stood bravely Infront of tanks that were set on the street to intimidate people.

2000 people were wounded in the process trying to reclaim their democratic right.FETO/Fetullah Gulen started under the disguise of a charitable organization.

They started a campaign of establishing schools in Turkey and later around the world.This was the first step of an infiltration campaign where kids and their parents were recruited with the promise of a better life, education and good jobs.

According to reports the children were put in schools with academic and financial help and mainly a heavy hand in indoctrination.They then turned into unquestioning foot soldiers of Fetullah Gulen.

The crime syndicate devised and ran an integrated system that took care of recruitment through schools and financing was take care by holding companies and donations from business people

They later got prestigious government jobs and infiltrated state institutions as a result to achieve their main goal of capturing the state.

The organization also established media houses to shape the public’s opinion and those who saw the organisation for what it really was were painted in a bad light and shamed through these media houses.

They made sure to take action taken against journalists,bureaucrats and military officers who dared to oppose them.

They started meddling in business transactions and government tender processes.Laundering enormous sums of money,arranging illegal transfers of cash and other financial crimes became business as usual for the organization.

When the government finally understood what was taking place they started taking drastic and extreme actions which resulted in the coup.

Upon discovering their secret communication system and interception of instructions the government started to counter their moves and discover the extent of their filtration and the infection it had caused.

The failed coup attempt happened when the Turkish forces had discovered and listed most of the so called military personnel who were recruits in the organization and were getting ready to expel them.

The Turkish ambassador stated,”In none of the coup attempts in the past did we have individuals opening fire on civilians,let alone bombing the parliament,presidential complex or police headquarters.”

According to the Turkish embassy FETO has been established in around 160 countries with them running thousands of schools and businesses.Their actions in Turkey should be considered a wake up call for other countries.

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