Uhuru Kenyatta takes on second term as Kenya’s fourth president

By Lindah Kiyeng

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been announced the winner in the 2017 presidential election.

This comes after a neck to neck challenge with opposition leader Raila Odinga.Mr Kenyatta won his competitor with over one million votes according to the independent electrol and boundaries commission.

This came just hours after the analyzing and tallying of forms 34A and 34 B to ensure that whatever results were projected were true and factual.

Earlier today the opposition met with the independent electrol and boundaries commission with alleged evidence that the Iebc server was hacked and results  tampered with.The two parties held a meeting before the opposition finally decided to pursue the matter in court.

Nasa opposition leader Raila Odinga said,”We have proof that the servers were hacked and would like to call on the UN and international bodies to intervene so that peace can prevail.”

During his speech Mr Kenyatta extended an olive branch to the opposition and urged all Kenyans to extend  peace and love to their neighbours.

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