Forbes Reveals How Much Celebrities Earn For A Single Social Media Post

Kylie Jenner the richest reality star is paid a million dollars to post a brand on her social media while Selena Gomez comes in second with 800,000 dollars a post.

Third position goes to Christiano Ronaldo who gets a whooping 750,000 dollars while fourth position goes to Kim Kardashian who gets 720,000 dollars a post.

Fifth position goes to Beyonce who is paid 700,000 dollars to post on her social media while  Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson takes sixth place with 650,000 dollars.

Justin Bieber came in seventh earning 630,000 dollars a post. Neymar and Messi took 8th and 9th place respectively while the 10th position went to Kendall Jenner who is paid 500,000 dollars a post on her social media

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