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Meet Tanzanian Artist Joe The Best Who Is Pulling Heartstrings All Over Africa

1)Tell us a bit about yourself :I was born in mbeya region (Tanzania) and studied there primary up to advanced level, right now am studying university (Saint Augustine in Mwanza

2)Tell us briefly what inspired you to get into music?I got inspiration by listening to music and following legends like professor Jay.

3)Who is your inspiration and role model?Chris Brown and Diamond Platnumz

4)Who would you wish to do a collabo with?I wish to collaborate with is Davido and Tiwa savage

5)What are some of the challenges you have faced so far as an artist?Challenges are many such as studio session payments, capital for quality and good video,management and getting  this media coverage.

6)What would you advise young people who would like to follow in your footsteps and be an artist?For those who wish to do music and follow in my steps its all about work hard and being persistent.

7)Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?I see myself being an international artist

8)What are some of the things you feel the government can do help artists? The government should make it convenient to do music and open more doors rather than shutting them.

9)What is your most memorable moment as an artist this far? My most memorable moment for me was when I was in high school i was the most famous student cause if my gift and talent.

10)What are some of the lessons and virtues being an artist has taught you? I learnt that everything has its time, the importance of hard work and being positive and optimistic is the way to success.

11)If someone wishes to reach out to can they get in touch with you?On instagram you can follow me @joe_zebest

facebook:JoeZe Best

Meet Tanzanian Music Producer Omary Kondo Aka Dj Marota

1)Tuambie kitu kidogo kukuhusu:Mimi ni Omary Kondo jina la sanaa Marota.Nimelelewa Morogoro primaly inaitwa kaloleni kisha nikajiunga na shule ya upili ya Mjimpyaa.Nilivyokuwa  mchanga nilikuwa sijijui kwa kweli  nalitoka familia ya kimaskini lakini nilikuwa na maisha ya kawaida.

2)Nini kilichokuvutia kuhusu mziki ndipo ukaamua kuingia kufanya mziki?Nilikuwa napenda kupiga ngoma kutoka shule ya msingi ndipo mzazi wangu akaamua kunielekeza maswala ya studio.

3)Ni mwanamziki mgani ambayo unapenda mziki wake na amekufanya kuwa mwanamziki?Nampenda sana Msaga sumu kwa maana alinivutia mno na mziki wake.

4)Ni mwanamziki mgani ambayo unaweza taka kufanya collaboration na yeye?Bado sijaona wala sijafikiria

5)Ni changamoto gani ambayo umeyapata katika career yako kama mwanamziki?Changamoto nyingi sana  moyoKama kuvunjwa moyo lakini sikukata tamaa.

6)Kuna wale ambao wanataka kukuwa mwanamziki kama wewe unaweza kuwapa mawaidha gani?Cha msingi wasikubali kukatishwa tamaa kwa sababu kwenye nia pana njia

7)Miaka kumi zijazo unajiona ukiwa wapi?Mungu ndio mpangaji lakin nina ndoto nzuri juu ya miaka ijayo.

8)Ni mambo gani ambayo unaweza taka serikali ifanye ili kuwasaidia wanamziki Tanzania?Ithamini sanaa yetu kama inavyothamini inch nyingine

9) Ni ujumbe mgani ambayo unaweza taka kuwaambia wafuasi wako?Tuwe na upendo kwa kila mmoja tusibaguane ila tupendane.

One On One With Congo Superstar Kouzbeats

1)Tell us a bit about yourself:

I come from a family of five brothers, and of course it is in the city of Goma where I was born, in the province of North Kivu in the DRC, I lived my childhood in Ndosho which is a populous district of Goma and I am continuing my secondary studies in terminal degree at Mwanga college, a well-known school in the city too

2)Tell us briefly what inspired you to get into music? I started out in music first of all because life and art on stage were a passion for me from an early age and continue to be so until today, that’s why I was already participating in as an actor in different theatrical troupes at the school where I studied. But also I wanted to offer myself a name in the musical world as our predecessors had done thanks to hard work

3)Who is your inspiration and role model? Michael Jackson

4)Who would you wish to do a collabo with? I would wish to do a Collabo with Justin Bieber

5)What are some of the challenges you have faced so far as an artist? For the challenges there are full including the lack of support by referring especially to sponsorship, lack of financial means for recording in the studio and especially in Africa there you understand that if you already have a recognized name you earn a living but if we are still a beginner like me it is misery and insults that lie in wait

6)What would you advise young people who would like to follow in your footsteps and be an artist?To young people like me I would advise them to always be persevering, enduring, patient and above all to work hard because that is what will reward us one day

7)Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?In the next 10 years I see myself already in Hollywood as an artist-musician and filmmaker by the grace of God, it’s really a passion for me.

8)What are some of the things you feel the government can do help artists?To help artists in my opinion, the government must advocate gender equality in this area because music is not only for girls or boys, but for anyone who is capable. And also the government must fight against copyright infringement.

9)What is your most memorable moment as an artist this far?It was the day I made my first entry into the studio, the atmosphere that reigned there, the beatmaker on his keyboard, and there in the acoustic room the very dry microphone waiting for me

10)What are some of the lessons and virtues being an artist has taught you?From my artist brothers I learned that this area requires endurance, patience, humility, intelligence and hard work.

11)If someone wishes to reach out to can they get in touch with you? It will be a great pleasure for me, you will find me on Instagram under the name of “Kouzbeats” for my whatsaap it is “+243973805897” and also on Facebook it is on my page “Kouzbeats

Why You Should Donate To Eric Ambuche’s Foundation(Slums Outreach Programme) During This Covid-19 Period

Meet Eric Ambuche, Nairobi’s Unsung Hero from the slums of Mukuru.

Eric Ambuche was born on 10/10/1974 to Mr.Jotham Ambuche and Mrs.Winfred Ambuche, Butere, Kakamega County.

He went to school at Emusunguri primary where he completed his primary education in 1990 and joined Ingotse secondary school in Kakamega where he completed his “O” level in 1994.

He moved to Nairobi’s Kibera-Lindi in 1995 in order to continue with his education where he pursued short courses at KCCT Mbagathi but unfortunately had to drop out due to some financial constraints. He was forced to do manual jobs in order to make ends meet.

In 1996 he moved back home for a while before relocating back to Nairobi, Kahawa West before moving to Hazina Estate in South B where he lived with his cousin, it’s from here where he joined Group4 Security Services as a security guard because he was unable to further his College Education.

In 1998 he moved to Mukuru Kwa Njenga after he had visited his cousin earlier and liked the place and also because the house that he was living in Hazina was being mortgaged giving him more reason to move to slum where he could afford at the time.

According to Ambuche living in Kwa Njenga wasn’t that easy because it wasn’t like the estate, getting proper basic amenities was a big challenge.

Slum fires, water shortage, lack of electricity, insecurity, poor infrastructure, name them, was the order of the day.

In 1999 he was part of the officials who conducted the Population Census and that is when he came face to face with reality.

He noticed that most people in these households were living hand to mouth. He then grew a passion to enlighten and empower the people.
Humble background, he still remembers back then in Secondary School when his name was almost struck off the KCSE candidates register as a defaulter. His father who was a stroke patient was unable to raise the Exam fee.

In early March as the late Mzee Moi was passing by their school heading to Navakholo, through their efforts he made a stopover. After he had addressed the impromptu gathering, Eric gathered some courage, risked but penetrated Mzee’s ever heavy security to briefly share his predicament with him.

Mr Eric Ambuche poses at the Kenya International Conference Centre

His arrears got cleared and also extended to other vulnerable students from the School.
He started getting involved in initiatives by SMEs that exposed him to a new way of thinking and doing things.

He joined self-help groups and opened a barbershop where he formed and headed Embakasi Barbers Association.The association recruited youngsters and imparted beauty skills.

Through the self help groups they could practise table banking and access personal loans from Micro-Finance e.g Faulu and Jamii Bora. He left the association to the youth for sustainability.

In 2013 he partnered with like-minded individuals with expertise in community matters and founded a Community Based Organization, CBO named Slums Outreach Programme.

This few individuals had knowledge in various fields such as Community Development, Gender Based Violence, local administration, advocacy, paralegal and health matters.

He realized that politics and development went hand in hand and that many politicians were using the slum as a hunting ground for political mileage.

Slums Outreach Programme is a non-political, acreddited CBO and is a National Stakeholder and partner to IEBC.

Mr Eric Ambuche with IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati at a hotel in Nairobi 

Major Community objective of the CBO is to educate the public on Civic/Voter Education to help them make better decisions in all aspects.
Empowering the youth to be involved in the electoral process in a peaceful manner as they comprise 60% of the voting population.

He has been greatly involved with State and Non-State agencies such as Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission(IEBC) National Environmental Management Authority(NEMA) Ministry of Devolution, Special Programmes, National Transport & Safety Authority (NTSA), Communications Authority Of Kenya(CAK), National Construction Authority(NCA), Kenya Economic Youth Network and Slum Child Foundation among others.

Some of his achievements can be attested through the many documents he provided for us to peruse.

Mr Eric Ambuche delivers his  speech in 2018 at IEBC’s National Evaluation Workshop

apathy, encourage more women to go for leadership or vie for elective positions to actualize the two third gender rule.

Footbridge Ambassador, he encourages most pedestrians to utilize the footbridges so as to save more lives.

He has shared and helped implement some lnitiatives by IEBC, NTSA and NCA that have helped improve and save the lives of millions of Kenyans.

Two thirds of NTSA recommendations helped restructure and bring back sanity on our roads.

Cyber Crime, he did share a concept with the CAK ,ICT Ministry, Safaricom, Airtel and Equity Bank that could help curb this vice and create more employment to the Kenyan youth.

In 2012 he met and shared his noble idea with the then IEBC’s Chairman Mr. Issack Hassan on how to make future Kenyan elections better.
Gender Based Violence, he says during this trying moment many homes are breaking up and appeals to the government and other Non-State Actors to intervene and come to the rescue of the slum residents of Kwa Njenga by dispatching marriage counselors as well.

He is among the officials enforcing the Covid-19 Health Regulations in Embakasi.Eric Ambuche has dined with the mighty and is currently participating in the local leadership of the area and in matters concerning good governance and service delivery.

He is also a community leader who enlightens the welfare of the less privileged especially during this biting time of Covid-19 pandemic.

Kazi mtaani in Mukuru Kwa Njenga where Eric helps clear the drainage along Catherine Ndereba Road

Residents here rely on him for any information from “Kwa Chifu.”
He has gone out of his way to make masks and some sanitizers but currently needs funds and facilitation to help some vulnerable people in Mukuru Kwa Njenga. He has identified 200 families that are the most vulnerable and in dire need of assistance in this pandemic period.

Mr Ambuche is one of the unrecognized heroes who deserves the attention and be awarded by the Kenyan President and society at large. Individuals of this calibre are rare in our society.

He is mostly in need of masks, sanitizers, soap and sanitary pads for the 200 families he has clearly identified.

To give any donation or in kind will greatly be appreciated.
You can Donate to Safaricom Till Number *272773* or reach Eric on Mobile No.+254 722 143 364 or

A kind gesture can heal a wound that only compassion can reach

Danito Urges His Fans To Sanitize In New Hit Song Sanitize

Danito Vadi Vadi has poured out his heart to his fans in a new song titled Sanitize.

The artist who is famous for having a soft spot and caring about his fans dropped the new song after the deadly virus broke out.

He said,”This is my way of giving back to the society.This is a deadly pandemic and we as artists should do something as well to give back and help the society.”

He added,”I want to thank all the health and frontline workers who have come out to help us as a country.We love and appreciate you.”

Danito Vadi Vadi is one of the first artist’s in Kenya to release a song urging people to stay home,keep social distance and to sanitize.

He artist who is known for his amazing vocals and catchy tunes has set a trend and shown that he loves and cares about his fans we need more artists like this.

Kaka Chainizee Drops New Song Titled Wacha Awacha To Encourage His Fans During This Covid-19 Period

It is not a secret that many have lost hope during these times. After the corona virus broke out world wide leaving millions jobless and sick many have lost hope.

That is why we should celebrate artists such as Kaka Chainizee who come out to encourage and support their fans through music when they are facing the harshest realities of life.

Being Kaka Chainizee’s first directorial debut we have to say it was impeccable and well executed.The song which is shot in a very serene relaxing environment that makes one calm and in the mood for worship almost instantly.

The serene environment mixed with his melodious vocals gives the song a desirable niche that can be achieved by very few.It puts one in the mood to worship naturally.

The reggae infused song encourages its listeners to turn to God in times of hardship and to never lose hope. The song has definitely come at a  good time when Kenyans are facing the hardest times of their lives.

Owen Chozen:Changing Lives One Beat At A Time

Tell us a bit about yourself:They call me David Owenda a teacher by profession from Jaramogi oginga odinga University, teaching mbita national school in Homabay country I’m also a musician- I compose, sing and even rap.

2)When did you get into music? and what inspired you to do so?I got in to music in 2009 where I recorded my audio in Mombasa.My mum inspired me cause she used to sing in the choir.

3)What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as an artist so far and how do you cope with them? The first challenge is financial and as a way to cope with it I was given a laptop by my friend.I learn how to produce music from YouTube and today I have some skills on how to do that though I still lack some equipments. I and my friend known as Truguts(Kevin Otieno) are trying to save so that one day we go to well established level for a recording deal.

4)Who is your inspiration and role model?My Mum

5)Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? I will be the face of Kenyan music.

6)What has your most memorable moment this far in your journey?When I was invited to perform in a festival and after our performance a radio presenter from Ramogi fm named Kasuku Raphael approached us to inquire if we were the owners of the songs we had perfomed.We told him yes and immediately he called us for an interview Nairobi.

7)What virtues has being an artist taught you? Inspiring others and being a role model.

8)Out of all your songs which is your favorite work and why? My favourite song is Sitaki upusi- It talks about what really happens to our young girls.How some boda boda riders sweet talk them and end up impregnating them so they should stop that.

What virtue or lesson has being an  artist taught you?Nothing in life is to be feared it’s only to be understood

10)What do you feel the government can do better to help artists like you?They should enforce laws made to protect artists they should not allow our music to be pirated.

11)What causes you to have such drive and ambition?This is talent and it’s inborn it flows in my vein and I feel no pain it only brings me joy.

12)What would you advise young people who you would like to venture into your field?The big issue my friend is we are not yet out and our music has not been heard by many.We really appeal to anybody who can sponsor us musically and trust me it will not be in vain.I have tried to inbox bahati, Lamars, kjones nyasinki Manager but all in vain I have their contacts, you would text even 200times but they don’t reply back we’ve never lost hope from all those years and even if we are based in reserve (Rusinga Island) the sky is the limit. So keep your head up high and fight for your dreams it is not an easy journey but you will make it.

13)How can your fans reach you?
Social media handles-, fb owenchozen, YouTube-owenchozen_TruGuts, Instagram-owenchozen_kenya..kindly we would like people to follow us.

LuoBoi Drops Luozone Amidst Covid-19 Giving People A Reason To Smile


Trendsetter LuoBoi has dropped his long awaited Luozone track putting smiles and hope in the hearts of Kenyans who are going through the Covid 19 pandemic.

The track which is a fusion between Kenyan pop and gengetone has received critical acclaim throughout Kenya.

The artist who is a celebrated all over Kenya and is the king of hip-hop in Kisumu county has left his fans proud.

The Onyalobiro Family Drops New Gengetone Single Piga Miti

Onyalobiro family have left their fans ecstatic after releasing their first song Piga Miti.The song is fresh with the duo spitting bars from the beginning to the end with the chorus being playful and fun paying homage to the gengetone genre.

The duo Paul Con and Gangsta start the song in a good setting a car garage.The location gives the music video good context can and be seen on top of the cars giving us dejavu with Ciara’s work video quickly coming to mind.

The song starts with an infectious beat and people cant help but get on their feet when the beat drops. With a unique sound and infectious rap style the duo have set themselves apart from most gengetone artists in the country.

Their first song Piga Miti has only proven that the best is to come for the talented duo.

Luska2k20 Taking The Music World By Storm

1.Tell us a bit about yourself: I am Luska2k20 aka Lucas Were Oruma.I am currently a 19 year old first year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology pursuing Agricultural Economics.

2)When did you get into music and what inspired you to get into music?I got into music in 2017 as a trapper.I was to inspired by the rappers like Migos,Lil Wayne and so many others but then I changed my music and started listening to Kenyan rappers like Wakadinali Octoppizo and Khaligraph who inspired me too.

3)What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as an artist so far and how do you cope with them?The main challenge is getting the attention of the audience.Guys around you can’t really believe in you like they believe to mainstream artists.They always wait until they realize other people are believing in you for them to believe in you.This I always call it a fake fan base.Some are real though but more are not willing to give you the audience you need to grow.

4)Who is your inspiration and role model?I’m basically inspired by any good music.I always to give people what they like so I’m always inspired by every artist that has been accepted by the people artists like Khaligraph Jones,Wakadinali, Rekless,Nasty C and so many others inspire me so much.

5)Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?I see myself at Westwood TV freestyling reppin African rap and Kenyan rap more particularly definitely in 10 years I will be an international rapper

6)What has your most memorable moment this far in your journey as a musician?The day I got signed to my current recording label.Major my manager who was with Watee the producer all of representing JTOWN records which is in Juja met me in a “session ya shada”and they heard my freestyle and were impressed and organized a session.I always feel like what sent me there was to just meet the beginning of Luska2k20 in November 2019

7)Out of all your songs which is your favorite song and why?I rank NAREE my latest Gengetone track as my best but I feel like all my tracks are lit but nare’s reception was a bit more impressive

8)What virtue or lesson has being an artist taught you?Patience, persistence, optimism,self belief and humility fans always want their artist to be humble.

9)What do you feel the government can do better to help artists? They can provide better platforms for upcoming artists to showcase what they can do and also how artists can make money through music

10)What causes you to have such drive and ambition in your music career? Am passionate about music.I can’t do without it.I think I’m just an artist without music am not there.I also believe music pays a lot as long as you deserve it.

11.What would you advise young people who you would like to venture into music?To always believe in themselves… Never allow people to judge their ability and give themselves time with consistent work… finally they’ll be there.

Meet Pigbin Odimwengu:The Future Of Youth Leadership In Kenya

Tell us a bit about yourself: My name is Pigbin Odimwengu.I am the first born in a family of five. I went to primary school in Bomet (Chemamul B Primary School)where I was raised in tea farms.I later proceeded to Homabay Nyajanja High School and finally University of Embu where I graduated with BED (Arts) and also served as SG of student council.

2)Tell us briefly about your party and what inspired you to start a party centered around youth leadership?Accountability and Transparency Party is brainchild of youth for change initiative that I started countrywide to create youth party. I was inspired by the suffering our people go through including what I went through growing up in a poor background.When I  was staying in slums of Mukuru I got more inspired to rise up and do something for my country.I believe that the problem of this country is leadership and having been trained on leadership with many youth organisations internationally and locally I felt like it’s time to create a platform for youth like me to get into political leadership and not only be youth wing/leaders but be the active leaders.

This space for youth is not practically there in many current political party due to discrimination either financially or in other ways so I decided that I will form a party for youth by youth which I will use alongside other youth to provide alternative come 2022 moving forward.

3)You have a background in education what inspired you to venture into politics?Yes I am a teacher by profession (history teacher) and being a history teacher you learn a lot about your past and be able to predict or envision the future. History and politics is inseparable and even in campus I was still SG of student union. Politics dictates policies and those policies affect everyone so I wanted to a be policy maker to make proper policies to help bring change in my country.

4)What are some of the challenges youth face when trying to get into politics?

Challenges are quite many namely:

●Many youth are still enslaved by the current tribal leaders and politics.
● Most youth don’t believe in themselves that they can make it and be the leaders of today citing financial constraints as a draw back for many.
● Most youth are so broke that it’s hard to volunteer their services to the party without pay so it’s somehow hard to convince them empty handed.
● Most youth just like everybody else have lot faith or interest in politics or politicians due to continuous betrayal by politicians who end up changing and forgetting their promises/manifesto and serve themselves and their families.

5)If someone would like to join your party how can they do that?Joining our party is very simple. You can reach us via our social media accounts on fb ATP-PARTY, Twitter @Atpkenya or even email us at You can also just Google the party’s name Accountability and Transparency Party Kilimani Nairobi to see our website,get our contacts and get directions to our office.

6)I know that starting a party isn’t easy what are some of the challenges you have faced in getting your party on its feet?

The first challenge was finances.Starting a youth party is not easy because most youth are financially unstable.

The second challenge was lack of trust from youth as some see you as an opportunist who wants to make money.

Some feel that they know more about politics and you should follow them or beg them since they  are richer and older and am young.

7)What do you feel needs to be improved in Kenyan leadership?Kenyan leadership needs leaders not politicians.Political parties should have internal mechanisms to ensure they produce proper leaders not populists.

We also need a totally new breed of leaders it’s time for old leaders to retire and usher in new breed of leadership spearheaded and dominated by youth with new ideas and integral men and women to push this country forward to greater heights.

8)What is your opinion on BBI?The document has some good proposals but the motive or the brainchild or people behind that document is where the problem lies.

Secondly I don’t support constitutional change but rather leadership change because I believe the problem of our country is the leaders that is why we are coming up with a new generation of leaders who are accountable and transparent.

We got a new constitution in 2010 and it’s only one government who haa used it. I think if it doesn’t work for them they should allow another team to try it or else constitutional changes will always be used to put people into leadership who later fail to implement and ask later for another change to put them again in power and the vicious cycle continues.

The people implementing BBI are corrupt.It will be like changing a forest with the same monkeys in it.We rather change the monkeys and retain the forest.

9)Why do you feel Kenyans choose leaders who don’t have their best interests at heart?

It’s very simple, they don’t fulfil Kenyans interest but rather loot and only increase their salaries and allowances. We can’t be suffering with poor roads and social amenities and yet we have leaders. They only enrich themselves. It’s not that they don’t know our interests but they simply don’t care.

10)Whose leadership style in Kenyan (politics) do you or have you admired?

None since they are not principled neither servant leaders.

11)What advise do you have for youth who wish to venture into kenyan politics?

I would tell them to come out in large numbers, the platform or the opportunity is here for youth by youth. Let’s make tomorrow today because today affects our tomorrow. All we need is unity and numbers not finances to contest.The numbers the party will have is what will vote you into any political seat you want
So join us and let’s walk together  #pamojatwaweza

13)If someone wishes to reach out to you.How can they get in touch with you?Call/text/WhatsApp me 0714319120. Email me on or look for me fb/twitter or even Google by searching Pigbin Odimwengu

Kennedy Matiba Mengesa:A Visionary Leader For Kongoni Ward

Kongoni needs a leader who is not only hard working but has a heart for the people as well.

Kennedy Matiba Mengesa is one of the people who has shown his heart is with the people of Kongoni by going out of his way to help them during their time of need.

Mr Mengesa also has a soft spot for the youth stating,”We have seen the youth of Kongoni suffer for many years. It is time to put a stop to their suffering.The people of Kongoni need a leader who will offer jobs by offering company’s incentives to hire only within our borders, not one who allows corporations to outsource jobs for cheaper labor when there is a national employment crisis.”

He added,”The people need to pick a leader who will invest in building bridges, not walls. Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption. Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance. Stability, not fear and terror. Peace, not chaos. Love, not hate. Convergence, not segregation. Tolerance, not discrimination. Fairness, not hypocrisy. Substance, not superficiality. Character, not immaturity. Transparency, not secrecy. Justice, not lawlessness. Environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction and  truth, not lies.”

Mr Mengesa was born and raised in Kongoni ward and has experienced first hand what the people of Kongoni go through on a daily basis.He has been in the shoe of the  Kongonians and knows where it pinches the most.Lucky for the residents the young lad will be running for mca in 2022. With his amazing vision for the people of Kongoni,they can be assured that the future is bright.

His manifesto also includes:Youth and women empowerment,quality education, healthcare,water, security,good infrastructure and so much.Mr. Mengesa is the future and hope of Kongoni ward.

One On One With 2022 Kiminini MCA Aspirant Julius Baraza

Tell us a bit about yourself: My name is Julius Baraza I was born in Bungoma county Tongaren constituency Kiminini ward

2.When did you develop interest in politics? I decided to join politics in 1992 when deputy president HE William Ruto started his campaign.I had just gotten my ID and supported his bid for MP Eldoret North.

Who is your role model? My role model is HE William Ruto I love his leadership style and his humility.I have been his supporter since day 1

When did you join politics? I joined politics in 2013&2017. I ran for mca with a URP ticket in Kiminini ward unfortunately I didn’t make it both times but looking forward to trying again in 2022.

What do you feel was a low moment for rift valley politics? My heart was broken when Mr Ruto was taken to the Hague for crimes against humanity because I knew he was innocent.Other Kenyans and I came together to pray for him and I’m glad that God heard our prayer and Ruto is now a free man.

Who do you want to see president in 2022? I want Ruto to take the presidency and even as I campaign for my seat in Kiminini ward I am going to ask my followers to vote for him too

Are you going to run on a URP ticket? I am going to run in whichever party Ruto runs in if he runs on a URP ticket I will follow suit if he forms a new party and runs on that ticket I will follow suit

What would you like to tell Kenyan voters? I would like to tell them to make the right decision and to choose carefully the person they intend to put in power because this country is our home.We have faced alot of challenges in the past three years and should consider carefully who we vote for lest we regret it.Dont choose a leader who doesn’t care about you and your family.God bless you all

What makes you feel that Ruto is the right president for Kenya?I feel he will make an excellent leader because he is a doer and fulfills all his promises.He is the only one who can take this country to where it belongs and I believe that he is the fifth president of the republic of Kenya.

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