Thank you for supporting me since my journey began as a vlogger doing facebook videos in 2015.It has been a great journey and I thank God for you and getting to go through life with you as we evolve and grow together.If you would like to purchase a product you see in my videos this is the place to be.Your support is greatly appreciated.Hope you love and enjoy the products:



Mac Lipstick

1 piece goes for 2 dollars (ksh200). All colors are available.

Sleek Eyeshadow

1 set goes for 2 dollars (ksh200).


Jennifer Lopez’s Love&Glamour Perfume 30 dollars(Ksh 3000)

Roberto Cavalli’s Exortica Perfume 72 dollars (Ksh 7,200)


Lady Gaga’s Fame Perfume 30 dollars (Kshs 3000)

Calvin Klein’s Beauty Perfume 40 dollars(kshs 4000)


Beyonce’s Heat Perfume 30 dollars(Kshs 3000)


Jay z’s Gold Perfume 30 dollars (Ksh 3,000)

Calvin Klein’s Be Unisex Perfume 40 dollars(Kshs 4,000)

Jean Paul’s Gaultier Perfume for men 135 dollars (Kshs 13,500)

Calvin Klein One perfume 35 dollars(Kshs 3500)

Jimmy Choo By Jimmy Choo perfume 65 dollars (Kshs 6500)

Dolce&Gabbanna Women’s perfume goes for 85 dollars (kshs 8500)

Dolce&Gabbanna Men’s Perfume goes for 85 dollars (kshs 8500)


Versace Eros Perfume 105 dollars (Kshs 10,500)

Versace Bright Crystal Perfume 77 dollars (Ksh 7700)


Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani 150 Dollars (Kshs 15,000)

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani 120 Dollars( Kshs 12,000)

Gucci Guilty Women’s Perfume 80 Dollars (Kshs 8000)

Gucci Guilty Men’s Perfume 95 Dollars (Kshs 9,500)

Gucci Bamboo Women’s Perfume 65 Dollars (Kshs 6,500)

Gucci Premiere Woman’s Perfume 85 Dollars  (Kshs 8500)

Gucci By Gucci Men’s Perfume 75 Dollars( Kshs 7,500)

Eternity Men’s Perfume By Calvin Klein 55 Dollars (Kshs 5,500)

Euphoria Women’s Perfume By Calvin Klein 60 Dollars (Kshs 6,000)

Pi Men’s Perfume By Givenchy 120Dollars (Kshs 12,000)

1 piece goes for 1 dollar (ksh100).All colors are available.


1 piece goes for 1 dollar(ksh100).All colors are available.


Amarige Givenchy Women’s Perfume 100 Dollars (Kshs 10,000)

Organza Women’s Perfume By Givenchy 85 Dollars(Kshs 8500)

Very Irresistible Women’s Perfume By Givenchy 80 Dollars (Kshs 8,000)

Gentleman Men’s Perfume By Givenchy (70 Dollars) Kshs 7,000

Christian Dior’s Sauvage Men’s Perfume 170 Dollars (Kshs17,000)

Christian Dior’s Jadore Women’s Perfume 250 Dollars (Kshs 25,000)

Fahrenheit Men’s Perfume By Christian Dior 200 Dollars (Kshs 20,000)

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Women’s Perfume By Christian Dior 150 Dollars (Kshs 15,000)

Miss Dior Women’s Perfume By Christian Dior 160 Dollars (Kshs 16,000)

Dior Homme Intense Men’s Perfume By Christain Dior 150 Dollars ( Kshs 15,000)
Romance Women’s Perfume By Ralph Lauren 100 Dollars Kshs 10,000
Polo Red Men’s Perfume By Ralph Lauren 130 Dollars Kshs 13000
Polo Black Men’s Perfume By Ralph Lauren 150 Dollars Kshs 15,000


Polo Blue Men’s Perfume By Ralph Lauren 100 Dollars Kshs 10,000
Ralph Women’s Perfume By Ralph Lauren 130 Dollars Kshs 13,000


Marc Jacobs Daisy Women’s Perfume 100 Dollars( Kshs 10,000)
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Women’s Perfume 110 Dollars Kshs 11,000
Marc Jacobs Honey Women’s Perfume 100 Dollars Kshs 10,000
Marc Jacobs Decadence Women’s Perfume 100 Dollars Kshs 10,000
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Women’s Perfume 100 Dollars Kshs 10,000
Burberry Brit Women’s Perfume 80 Dollars Kshs 8,000


Burberry Touch Men’s Perfume 70 Dollars Kshs 7000


Burberry women's perfume
Burberry women’s perfume 60 Dollars Kshs 6,000