2019:Streaming Wars Begin

Two major new streaming services will launch this year from Disney (DIS) and WarnerMedia which means more movies, TV shows and originals than ever.

Netflix (NFLX) remains the undisputed king of streaming. It has been spending billions of dollars on its own content including cheaper unscripted series. Netflix will dedicate even more resources in 2019 to originals such as “The Crown” and Oscar contenders like “Roma.”
According to CNN,Netflix spent $1 billion on European content alone in 2018 including 81 original productions. The company has 221 projects slated for Europe this year and it plans to open a new production hub in Spain.
CNBC reported in October that Apple’s new digital video service will be automatically installed on Apple devices and will feature free original content, as well as access to other services.
Apple (AAPL) executives have also publicly said that they will focus on a few quality shows, hiring big names like Oprah and Reese Witherspoon and they won’t be jumping in with dozens of new series.
 It’s not just huge movie studios like Disney that are getting into the direct to consumer game.
Fox News launched a subscription service called “Fox Nation” last year to accompany — not replace — Fox News on cable.It’s the first national news organization to charge a subscription fee for a standalone service, and 2019 will be an important barometer of its success.

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