Uber Plans Self-Driving Car Launch

Uber Technologies Inc’s is plotting to return its self-driving cars after an incident in Pennsylvania in February where a woman lost her life when the self driving car hit her at night as she was crossing the road.

The company is now taking a much more conservative approach after the government suspended its autonomous vehicle program.This will mark Uber’s first self-driving car tests on public streets since it halted its operations  nine months ago after the fatal accident.Last month, Uber released a safety report that outlined several changes, including enabling an automatic braking system and improving the cars’ ability to quickly detect and react to objects on the road.

This time however the cars will not operate at night or in wet weather and will not exceed speeds of 25 miles per hour.Two employees will sit in the front seats and will not be picking up passengers in the robot cars a service the company launched in 2016.

Uber has a deal with Volvo to purchase up to 24,000 cars, and recently Toyota invested $500 million to develop self-driving cars with Uber.

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