Why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg And Google Founders Larry Page And Sergey Brin Take Home A $1 Dollar Salary Every Year

Several CEO s take low salaries including Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin,Former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison,Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg,Apple Founder Steve Jobs who take just $1 every year in salary.
Steve Jobs always had a $1 salary (except for 2001, when Apple gifted its founder a private jet plane).  Former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison used to take $1 in salary but was routinely among America’s highest-paid CEOs because he took home a ton of stock awards.
Although Amazon has paid Bezos the same salary since 1998 which is $81,840 he used to get paid less. In 1997, he made $79,197, and in 1996 he took home $64,333. Amazon was founded in 1994, but it only started reporting its finances when it went public in 1997.
Bezos however has received $1.6 million in security-related services and business travel each year since 2010 and at least $1.1 million since 2003 when the company first started reporting security expenses as part of Bezos’ total compensation.
Mark Zuckerberg has aslo drawn a base salary of $1 for the past three years and his “other” compensation was $22.6 million, most of which was for his personal security.Nearly $20 million went toward security for Zuckerberg and his family, up from about $9 million the year prior. Zuckerberg also received $2.6 million for personal use of private jets, which the company said was part of his overall security program.

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