Beyonce Opens Up About Her Difficult Pregnancy And Finding Out Her Ancestry In Vogue’s September Issue

Beyonce graced the cover of  September’s issue of Vogue magazine.She hired the first black photographer to do her photos in the magazine’s history.She rocked a toned down look, wore natural makeup and her natural hair.The Lemonade singer talked about her weight gain,self-confidence and her difficult pregnancy.

She said,”After I gave birth to my first child I was pressured from society to lose the all the baby in 3 months and scheduled a small tour to ensure that I would do it.Looking back that was crazy.I was still breastfeeding when  I performed in Atlantic city in 2012.”

When I had the twins,I approached things differently.I was 218 pounds when I gave birth to the twins.I was swollen from toxemia and was on bed rest for over a month.My health and my babies health were in danger and I had to have an emergency C section.I spent many weeks at the hospital.My husband was a soldier and a great support system.I was in survival mode and did not grasp it until months later.”

The crazy in love singer said that she learnt to embrace her curves after her C section.She became vegan temporarily and gave up on coffee,alcohol and all fruit drinks.She stated that she began preparing for Coachella six months before performing at the prestigious event.She also asked women to embrace their natural bodies hence the reason she used no makeup or hair extensions for the photo shoot.

She added that she looked up her ancestery and realized she comes from a lineage of broken male-female relationships,abuse of power and mistrust.I came from a slave owner who fell in love with a married slave.I pray that I may be able to break the generational curse in my family so that my children may have less complicated lives.


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