Bobby Brown Upset At Kanye For Using Whitney’s Drug Den Picture

Kanye West purchased a picture of Whitney Houston’s drug den from the National Inquirer for 85,000 dollars.Kanye was to use the photo as Pusha T’s album cover for his latest album Daytona.Pusha T is signed to Kanye’s and Good music record label.

Bobby Brown spoke out today and said,”The cover is disgusting and in bad taste.”

It is speculated that Kanye bought the cover to get attention for the album.Pusha T was opposed using the photo but Kanye pushed him to do it.

Bobby Brown’s sister Tina Brown is the one who sold the picture to the national inquirer who later sold the picture to Kanye West.

Yesterday Kanye West had a listening party for his album ”Ye” where he rapped about Suicide,Murder and Kim Kardashian.

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