Cardi B Loses Support From Music Industry After Fight With Nicki Minaj

Rapper Cardi B attacked fellow rapper Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week last week during a Harper’s Bazaar party at The Plaza hotel.

According to witnesses Cardi B approached  Nicki’s table in an aggressive manner prompting security personnel to jump in and immediately separate the two.

Close sources to Cardi B say that the rapper was going to confront Nicki over comments she made on social media about her mothering skills when security jumped in and accidentally bruised her forehead.

Nicki remained cool as a cucumber but later went off on her radio talk show Queen Radio.

The Barbie Dreams rapper said,”You put your hands on some people you are going to die.My money is very long.”

According to industry insiders Atlantic Records is very disappointed in the Bodak Yellow rapper because of the negative press she has been getting so far because of the incident.

Rumour has it that Atlantic is currently testing out other rappers who have the potential to replace Cardi incase she messes up other opportunities in the future and is no longer bankable.

Artists such as Chance The Rapper, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna,Ciara, Beyonce and Jay z have all unfollowed Cardi.Quavo who is planning to go solo has also distanced himself from her and is showing Nicki more support.

Cardi is not expected to attend any other New York Fashion Week events in the coming days due to the incident.




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