Demi Lovato Still In Hospital 6 Days After Overdose Due To Complications

Singer and songwriter DemiLovato is still in hospital six days after she suffered an overdose.According to reports the heartbreak singer is still admitted due to complications while she has been detoxing.

Reportedly she has severe fever and nausea which is very common for someone recovering from on overdose from opioid.

The backup dancer who many people were questioning her involvement in Demi’s overdose in a public statement denied being involved saying that she wasn’t with the singer when the incident happened but is with her now.

It is unclear when the ‘sorry not sorry’ singer will be released from hospital but according to doctors the recovery can take up to ten days or more.

The singer through her rep thanked members of the public for standing by her and supporting the singer’s recovery.It is speculated that she will be returning to rehab after being discharged from hospital.

Before the overdose Demi had been sober for six years before she relapsed.She was found by her assistant unconscious and called 911.It is also rumoured that she was the one that gave her Narcan a drug administered when someone has an outstanding overdose.


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