Drake And Pusha T’s Feud Blows Up

Over the weekend Pusha T dropped his album titled Daytona and in the album there is a song called Infrared where he accuses Drake by accusing of using a ghost writer.A few hours later Drake dropped a diss track towards Pusha T titled Duppy.The diss track dissed Pusha T,his fiance Virginia Williams and Kanye West.

In response Pusha T  released another diss track titled ‘The story of Addidon ‘ (Named after Drake’s son) that hit below the belt.He  used a picture of  Drake in blackface for his diss track cover.He mocked Drake for impregnating a porn star and for being a deadbeat father to his son(Addinon).

The singer wrote,’Since you choose to come for my fiancee.Let the world know who you chose as your Beyonce.You are hiding a child let that boy come home.’

He also went for Drake’s mother shaming her for being a divorcee and a single mother.He accused Drake of having Daddy issues after his father abandoned him at 5 years old.

The Rapper added,’Your dad walked away at five,I guess its a Dad thing.’

He also poked fun and ridiculed Drake’s manager for his terminal illness.

He wrote in his lyrics ‘Only 40 why is he hunched you like he is 80.Tic Tok Tik Tok how much time do you still have.”

Fans are expecting Drake to release a diss track in response.Drake’s Album ‘Scorpion’ is speculated to be released next month.

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