Empire To End With Season 6

Fox has announced that Empire will come to an ending on its sixth season.The beloved season has faced controversy in the past after Jussie Smollet was accused of staging an attack as a pr stunt in a bid to have a salary increment at Fox.

As a result Jussie was removed from the last two episodes of Empire’s fifth season however his contract was extended for the sixth season.At the end of the season Smollett’s character Jamal, the middle brother of the Lyon family at the center of the show was said to be on his honeymoon with his new husband.

Smollett was charged with multiple felony counts alleging the actor duped the Chicago police into believing he had been the target of a hate crime.The charges against Smollett were dropped but the city has asked him for more than $130,000 to cover the cost of the investigation.

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