Future Impregnates Bow wow’s Babymomma

Rapper Future has been accused of impregnating the mother of Bow wow’s child Joie Chavez.

A source close to the rapper said that the two were dating for a few months but the rapper later left her for his third baby momma Brittni Mealy when he found out she was pregnant.

The rapper has been accused in the past of playing with women’s emotions and impregnating women without fully committing to them.

Future has four babymomma’s Joie Chavez being the fifth after songbird Ciara who was fourth had a son with him a few years ago.

Britney and Joie for months have been going back and forth on social media since January fighting over Future.

Joie went on social media and said,”Despite the fact that I have been terribly sick with this pregnancy overall I am happy,healthy and getting my energy back.I really appreciate the outpour of love and support from those who have reached out to me.”

She added,”What in the ghetto is going on?Please keep the negative energy off my page.I am going to continue taking the high road and fly high.”

Brittni Mealy and Future are reportedly back together.They were spotted holding hands while attending a wedding together.


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