Givenchy And Versace Apologize To Chinese Consumers Again:Why Luxury Brands Can’t Seem To Get It Right With Chinese Consumers

 Luxury brands cant seem to get it right with Chinese consumers.They keep on offending the Chinese with some of their antics to sell their brands in one of their largest target markets.
Just a few months after China boycotted Gucci products Givenchy,Coach and Versace have now fallen from the good graces of Chinese culture because of almost similar reasons.
¬†Versace,Coach and Givenchy have now all apologized to Chinese consumers for T-shirts deemed to undermine the country’s One China policy.
Social media users called for boycotts of the two companies’ products yesterday as images of the garments began circulating online.
So what upset the Chinese so much?Well Versace and Givenchy released
designs T-Shirt designs that neglected to identify Hong Kong as part of China, while appearing to imply that Taiwan a province an independent country.
It seems that the brands did not do enough research before releasing the T-shirts into the market
Weibo users criticized how the Coach T-shirt describes the status of Hong Kong and Taiwan.
They have since apologized and now hope to fall into the good graces of the Chinese people.

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