Meet The Highest Paid Actors Of 2018

Actor and entrepreneur George Clooney is the highest paid actor in Hollywood bringing in 239 million dollars.The former ER actor also sold his Tequila business Casa Migos  for a whopping 1 Billion  and co-produced Oceans 8 taking home the coveted spot of richest actor in the world.

Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson took second place earning a whooping 124 million dollars directly from the silver screen the first in Forbes’ 100 year history.He made it big thanks to movies such as Jumanji and Skyscraper.

Robert Downy Junior aka Iron Man took third place earning a whooping 81 million dollars.He made most of his money from his role as Iron Man in Avengers Infinity Wars and made 15 million from a small cameo in Spider man.

Chris Hemsworth took fourth place taking home 64.5 million for his role in Avengers Infinity wars and Thor Ragnarok.Jackie Chan lands at fifth place with 45.5 million the Karate Kid actor has his own chain of movie theaters and appeared in six movies last year.

Will Smith made a comeback to the top ten this year taking sixth place bringing in 42million.He brought 20 million alone from his Netflix thriller¬†Bright.Scarlet Johansen took tenth place in the actors list but took first place on the actress’ list bringing in 40.5 million dollars for her role as Black Widow in Avengers Infinity Wars and


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