Hit TV Show Rosanne Cancelled After Racial Tweet

90s sitcom Rosanne was cancelled after a short-lived comeback after the star of the show Rosanne made racist remarks on social media on Monday night.She insulted a woman who was Obama’s former  advisor.

She wrote on her social media’Muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes had a baby-vj.’

The actress went back on social media and blamed it on medication that she was taking.The show that had a huge comeback had 16million viewers on its debut night.The show was to be paid 60 million for their first season and had a potential of earning 100million on their second season.

The vice president of the ABC network who is the first black woman to be hold such a position is the one speculated to have cancelled the show.Wanda Sykes who is another influential woman in the entertainment business quit before the controversial tweets.

Fans were shocked when the show was cancelled cause it was unexpected because it was the highest rated show on its timeslot.She has been dropped by her management and her reruns were all pulled off the air.



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