Lady Gaga: 10 Years Since The Fame

Its been ten years since Lady Gaga released her first album Fame.She took the world by storm selling millions of copies and becoming a fashion icon.Her biggest hits from the album were Pokerface,Paparazzi and Just Dance skyrocketing the singer to ultimate stardom.The album won a Grammy for best Dance Electronic Album that year while Pokerface won Best Dance Recording.It wasn’t long before she became a fashion icon.

In an interview the beauty said,”Fashion is my life.You will never catch me in the grocery store in flipflops.I am not in this business to make a ton of money.I am in this industry to make a difference.I have a voice that is being heard and I want to inject as much positivity and light as much as I can.’

Since her first album the singer has churned out hit after hit including singles such as Born This Way that got massive success in the charts.The actress recently won a Golden Globe in her role in American Horror Story¬†and has her sights on an Oscar for her role in A Star Is Born. She revealed in her interview with Entertainment weekly that this is a role is was born to play.She added that she could relate to the movie’s character because this story is a part of her real life.

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