Lady Gaga Now Worth 300 Million After Releasing A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga is cashing in on her fame and now is worth an astounding $300 million since she broke into showbiz 10 years ago.Her performance as Ally in A Star Is Born attracted eyeballs and made more than $150 million in its first week alone.

Gaga broke into entertainment with her first album The Fame which sold 9 million copies worldwide.She followed up her success by releasing her second album Born This Way  which sold 3.8 million copies.Her third and fourth album Art Pop and Joanne sold 1.4 million and 1 million copies respectively.

The Bad Romance singer also made millions touring, her first tour Monster Ball brought in $227.4 million while her next tour Born This Way tour brought in an astounding 382.3 million thanks to her devoted fan base.


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