Nicki Minaj’s Ex Boyfriend Safaree Reveals That She Stabbed Him More Than Once During Their 12 year Relationship

Nicki Minaj was promoting her new album Queen in a radio interview with Funk Master Flex when she went off on her ex boyfriend Safaree. When the two broke up years ago he implied that he wrote all her songs. Safaree however backtracked and confessed that he never really wrote for the Ganja Burn singer. Nicki Minaj chose to take this opportunity to clear the air.

The singer said,”I came into this industry adamant that no man will ever write for me. You tell the world that you wrote all my songs because I caught you cheating on me with prostitutes.You,your sister and your mother called me lazy and tried stopping me from rapping.All this for someone who took care of you financially while you stole my credit card.You would not have all this if I had not pushed my pen.”

Safaree responded and said,”You hold onto everything.Your problem with DJ Self is because me and him are friends.You have a problem with Mona Scott because she put me on her show Love&Hip hop.Now I stole your card the one you gave me the pin to and asked me to do stuff with?Everything we had was for us.We didn’t trust each other you did stuff and I did stuff.You said you were cheating with Meek Mill a few years before you got together as a couple. I am not mad at that.”

He added,”In the end it got toxic and I packed my bags and left.I did things for spite and so did you.I don’t wish you bad and I didn’t want us to get back together.I don’t need you and you don’t need me but we will always be linked together in the public no matter what.”

The Jamaican reality star also told the public that Nicki once stabbed him with a knife and he had to be rushed to the emergency room.He revealed that he had to lie to the authorities that he tried committing suicide so that the Chun-li rapper could not be jailed.He also said that the incident happened more than once hence his decision to leave the relationship.

Nicki responded saying,”You stole my card and told me that you thought it was an account with free money that I didn’t know about.God will strike you down for lying.Stop saying you packed and left when you came to my house begging to go with me to Europe for the EMA’s and I said no.You used me but God had other plans.”

Safaree took to twitter to respond and denied asking Nicki to take him back when he knew she was already in a new relationship with Meek Mill.He also threatened to share the emails Nicki sent him begging him to spend Christmas with her so they could work things out.

Yesterday Nicki got into a heated argument with a Newyork based Dj and Love&Hip hop star,Dj Self for talking ill about Cardi B in a radio interview he had with Nicki then turning around and talking ill about Nicki when she left the studio.Dj Self is close friends with Safaree and this is what is speculated to have fuelled their heated argument even more on social media.Many fans and critics believe that her social media feuds are overshadowing her new album and believe that it will eventually affect her album sales.


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