R Kelly Sued For Battery,Imprisonment And Failure To Disclose He Had Herpes

R Kelly in the last few months has been accused of abuse,harassment and imprisonment of women in his Chicago home.

The I Believe I can Fly singer has also been accused of luring underage girls into his home and training them to be sex slaves.

More than 10 women have now come forward accusing the singer of mental,physical and psychological torture while cohabiting with him.

R Kelly raised eyebrows in 1995 when he married singer Aaliyah who was only 15 years old at the time.He also faced backlash when he was asked by a BET reporter  in an interview if he like teenage girls and he replied when you say teenage you mean how young.

Last year the parents

Tim Savage and Jonjelyn Savage grabbed the world’s attention when they went on YouTube and accused R Kelly of keeping their daughter Joycelyn Savage hostage against her will.Since then more than 10 women have come out accusing the singer of imprisonment,harassment and abuse.

According to Faith Rogers a young lady who most recently escaped from his home,she met the singer when she was only 19 years old.

She added,”I dated him and he told me that he raises women in his home and some of them had been with him for 15 years.He made it seem like a family affair and to me that I reminded him of them he became mentally,physically and sexually abusive over time.He also gave me Herpes without my knowledge.”

Faith in collaboration with the police tried to get a confession from the singer through a phone call but he couldn’t come forward and confess the truth.

Women’s groups spearheaded by Ava Duvernay,Shonda Rhimes and John Legend recently launched a campaign called MuteRkelly that stops music streaming sites from playing his music and promoters from booking him for concerts.Several of his concerts have been cancelled so far.

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