R Kelly’s Ex wife Andrea Kelly Accuses The Singer Of Abuse

R Kelly’s wife Andrea Kelly went on sister circle and accused the singer of abusing her.The mother of his children said that she went for counseling and was given a paper with 17 abusive acts and she marked 15 out of 17 things the ignition singer had done to her.

R Kelly’s has recently hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.He has been accused by several women of having a sex cult and holding them against their will.

Recently Jocelyn Savage’s  parents came out pleading with the singer to let their daughter go after he promised her a lucrative career in the music industry.

A few months ago his girlfriend Kitty Jones spoke against the singer accusing him of starving,abusing and forced her to get intimate with other women.

Another woman who came out was Jaranda Paste who was underage when she was taken captive by the step in the name of love singer.

She said,”He would also you in the face and physically harm you.He would put you in a room and lock you in there for days.

A Women’s rights group spearheaded by Ava Duvernay and Shonda Rhinestone started a campaign titled #muteRkelly that saw promoters stop booking him for shows and Spotify stop playing his music.

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