R Kelly’s Wife Drea Kelly Says He Was Abusive And Almost Killed Her During Their Marriage

R Kelly has been in hot water for the last couple of years after more than ten women came forward and accused the Ignition singer of sexual abuse and being held hostage against their will in his Chicago mansion.Finally his wife Drea Kelly spoke out and gave a graphic description of some of the things he did to her during their marriage.

Drea who was married to R Kelly in the 90’s said that the singer was abusive in their marriage and would get upset if the milk was too cold or too hot for his breakfast,if he didn’t like what she was wearing or if he detected a tone in her voice.

She said,”A lot of people know that I’m a professional dancer so my body is my work. I remember one time he did attack me in the back of a Hummer and I do suffer from PTSD because of it. Whenever I would see Hummers on the road, I would shake, my hands would sweat and I would get nervous and I couldn’t breathe. He attacked me and I thought I was going to die because what he had done was he had taken my left arm and pulled it behind me and his weight was on my body but he didn’t realize his forearm was on my neck. So as he is pressing down my breathing is getting cut off and the only reason I think I made it out is because I said, ‘Robert, you’re going to kill me! I can’t breathe! You have to get your arms off of my neck.I just remember sitting in the back of the Hummer and it got blue and I just thought, ‘I’m going to die… and he’s going to drive off with my body in the back seat and nobody’s gonna know.”

A campaign dubbed Mute R Kelly has been launched and is being spearheaded by producers Ava Duvernay and Shonda Rhimes to stop R Kelly’s music from being played on radio,TV and in concerts after women and their parents came out accusing the singer of holding them hostage and sexually and physically abusing them in his Chicago home.

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