Rihanna Ridiculed For Flaunting Her Natural Hair

Rihanna shared a picture of her natural hair on Instagram and titled it troll.People chose to make fun of her for embracing her natural looks instead of applauding the work songstress.

The singer was showing the world how she sections her hair when doing jumbo braids.The shaderooom posted the video on their instagram page and people chose to go in her.

Comments were very demeaning one fan said,”First of all.You look dumb.”Someone else said”Dumb looking and overated.”Another fan said,”Your hair looks dead.”

People have been quick to criticize celebrities for showing off their natural hair.The criticized Kylie Jenner for removing her lip fillers then Rihanna for showing off her natural hair.Rihanna used to rock a pixie cut but now she has grown out her hair.She has dyed her hair blond,brunette and done edgy hairstyles before.






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