RnB Singer August Alsina Opens Up His Struggle With Drug Addiction

RnB Singer August Alsina went on Jada Pinkett Smith’s show Red Table Talk and opened up about his struggle with drug addiction.

The once sought after singer faded from the limelight a few years ago after releasing a feature with various artists including Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown that got positive reviews from fans and critics.

Unknown to the public the RnB singer was facing serious health and drug issues.The singer confessed on the show that he was addicted to weed,alcohol and prescription pills.

The  No Love singer said,”I was drinking alot of liquor and smoking too much weed and one night while doing a show in New York I passed out in the middle of a show and fell off the stage.I was in a coma for three days after that incident.”

People began getting concerned about the rapper when he fell off the stage during a concert a few years ago.Last year the singer confessed that he had a life threatening illness that was causing him to be blind.

August confessed to be addicted to drugs called Percocets that are pain relievers used by people in  hospital or who have severe chronic pain.These drugs can cause respiratory failure and the central nervous system to shut down.If missed with alcohol or other suppressants it can cause death.

“I had an endless supply of Percocets.It was like skittles for real.I didn’t believe that I was an addict.”

Other celebrities who have confessed to using the drug are future who raps about the drug in his songs.

August credits Jada Pinkett Smith for showing him the importance of sobriety.


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