Women’s Group now wants Chris Brown, Eminem, Nelly & 6ix9ine removed from Spotify

Women’s Group now wants Chris Brown, Eminem, Nelly & 6ix9ine removed from Spotify after R kelly was removed from the music player after a campaigned was launched named”Mute Rkelly” was launched by Women groups spearheaded by Ava Duvernay.R Kelly was accused of recruiting women into a cult and abusing them,emotionally and physically for years since 1995 when he married her at 15yrs old.
Multiple women and parents have come out looking for their children who lived with Rkelly with a promise of a successful music career.The women left their careers to go live with Rkelly and now are coming out with books and going on talk shows to talk about their experiences.
 Chris Brown, Eminem, Nelly & 6ix9ine have in the past months been accused of abusing women in one way or another.Women groups and the public are now up in arms and would like these artists and their music to be removed from music streaming service.

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