‘Artists Who Oversexualize Content Will Face The Full Force Of The Law’ Ezekiel Mutua Says

During the week singer Akothee was trending for all the wrong reasons.Pictures of the mum of five flooded social media leaving a section of the public dumbfounded.

The entrepreneur who was performing in a club chose to oversexualize her dance moves as revellers took photos of the circus in disbelief.

The pictures were shared on social media and it wasn’t long before she was trending.After severe backlash from the public KFCB chair Ezekiel Mutua condemned her actions for violating common decency.

Mr Mutua said,” Following the public outcty we have reviewed the conduct of various artists and have found that some of their performances are offensive, unpalatable,inspp inapprop and contravention of the law.

According to the board Akothee was violating Cap 222 of the constitution and will not hesitate to ban public performances that objectify women.

Proprietors of clubs will be held responsible if such performances are staged in their premises.

The board also said  thatperformers using inappropriate and offensive stage names, inappropriate lyrics,nudity or suggestive dancing styles that border on sexual innuendo  will face the full force of the law.

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