Civil society reference group cries foul on lack of govt will to implement PBO act

The civil society reference group cries foul on the lack of political will by the government to operationalize Public Benefit Organizations (PBO) Act
The civil society reference group expressed their displeasure this morning on the lack of political will by the government to operationalize the Public Benefit Organizations (PBO) Act that was assented by former president Mwai Kibaki on January 14th 2013.
On October 31st 2016,the high court made a ruling on petition no 351 of 2015 directed the ministry of Devolution and planning honorable Mwangi Kiunjuri to commence the Public benefit organization act within 14 day. But before the 14 days elapsed the government through the chief of staff Joseph kinywa transferred the NGO Coordination Board from the Ministry of devolution and planning to that of interior and coordination of national government a move that is deemed malicious by the civil society of Kenya.
The sector then went back to court accusing Mwangi Kiunjuri and Attorney general Githu Muigai for contempt of court in late 2016.On May 12th the high court Justice John Mativo gave a ruling directing the cabinet secretary the late Joseph Nkaissery to publish the commencement date for the law within 30days ending June 30th.
According to the society attempts by the sector to have the law implemented have been undermined by unfair administrative maneuvers and unprecedented display of contempt of court orders by the government.
The civil society reference group in partnership with the Kenya human rights commission then met with presidential aspirants to ensure their commitment and dedication to the Civil Society Agenda before the august 2017 elections.
The society also accused the government for allowing Fazul Mahamed to take office for 2 years in spite of having used forged certificates to attain the prestigious position. The also accused Mr Fazul Mahamed for confiscating his certificates and destroying evidence that could put him behind bars. However the commission on Administrative justice asked Mr Fazul to refund ksh 8.5 million he had earned as cumulative salary.
The civil society reference group is a network of public benefit organizations within the meaning of the Public benefit organizations Act, 2013 whose aim is to promote the establishment and realization of an enabling legal, operational and regulatory environment for local, national and international public benefit organizations based and working in Kenya and in the region.

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