Uhuru says he does not support MPs pay rise

According to the notice in the Kenya gazette by President Uhuru Kenyatta,the first sitting of the 12th Parliament is to be held on Thursday next week.

The Clerks will swear in the  lawmakers and then they will proceed to elect the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker then adjourn.The legislators will then proceed for an induction where they will be taught the standing orders and other House rules.

Even as the MPs prepare to formally take oaths of office, they have already shown intention to reject the new salary structure that substantially reduces their salaries and allowances.

The lawmakers, through the Parliamentary Service Commission accused the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) of unfairly targeting them in its efforts to slash the public wage bill.

President Kenyatta has however vowed that he will not support MPs’ move to raise their salaries.He said he would not sign any Bill passed by MPs raising their pay and allowances.

The president also urged Raila Odinga to accept the Supreme Court judges verdict even if it is not ruled in his favour stating that he would also do the same.

This comes after NASA said that they would have mass action if the elections are not ruled in their favour. by the supreme court judges.

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